Sports Games

Image Game Title Description
Quarterback Game Quarterback Game Control the quarterback, score the touchdowns, impress the chicks, eat the pie.
Power Golf Drive Power Golf Drive Hit the ball as far as you can. Simple fut funny
Simple Billiard Simple Billiard Hit as fast as you can all the balls in to the holes
Billiard Waha Billiard Waha enjoy it
Fishing Minnesota: Lake Mille Lacs Fishing Minnesota: Lake Mille Lacs Visit Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota where you’ll fish using real motions with your mouse. Cast with a flick of the mouse; hold the button and reel one in!
FG Multiplayer Elfmeter FG Multiplayer Elfmeter FG Multiplayer Elfmeter is a new game by Flash Games. After entering your name choose your team to start playing. Now you can click somewhere in the goal to shoot the ball or to let your keeper jump to get the b
Bowman Bowman Aim your shot and power up to fire your arrow from you bow and kill the opponent.You take turns shooting arrows at each other one at a time,you hold the mouse button down hold the curser beh
Soccer Balls Soccer Balls Soccer physics-based puzzle action game.Whether you like soccer or not, it doesnt matter. Annoy the referees by kicking balls at them!
5 Miles To Go 5 Miles To Go 5 cars left in the game with 5 miles left to go all with the same specs, can you beat 'em?
Golf 2001 Golf 2001 A fun 2D online golf game. Has nice graphics.
Forest Challenge 2 Forest Challenge 2 A challenging mini golf game set in a forest.
Table Tennis Table Tennis A fun, challenging, and addictive table tennis game.
Track And Field Track And Field Old school classic nintendo game play different olympic sports hurdles fencing and more
Banger Racing Banger Racing Race the bangers around the breakfast table Kind of a Micro Machines V3 copy
Knockout Knockout Travel around the world trying to knockout all of your opponents in this awesome 2D knockout game T
Powerpool Powerpool Pool with powerups! Crack your way through 20 levels of exploding, multiplying and other craziness to build your score to mammoth proportions.Click and pull back on the white ball to set direction and power of the shot. Release to shoot. Avoid sinkin
Downhill Snowboard Downhill Snowboard Take your snowbarder down seven different mountains while scoring points with grab combinations and multiple flips.A screenshot doesnt do this game justice - all character motion is based on physics simulation and not pre animated. This challenges yo
RapidRide RapidRide RapidRide is a wonderful game of car drive on an unsafe road.
Monster Truck Maniac Monster Truck Maniac The crazy monster truck game.
Shopping Cart Hero Shopping Cart Hero Many have tried. Many have failed. Are you good enough to be the hero?
Fishing Frenzy Fishing Frenzy Fishing Frenzy tests your reflexes as you battle the clock to catch as many fish as you can.
Powerpool 2 Powerpool 2 Mini-Pool with powerups and three different tables. Left click on cue ball, drag and pull back to set power, and release to shoot.
Karambol 3D Karambol 3D Karambol 3D is a unique ball game played on a pool table with no pockets. Although the rules are simple, Karambol is fiendishly addictive. Combine long combos with trick shot to get the best scores. Featuring a replay mode with different camera angle
Plunk Pool 2 Plunk Pool 2 The sequel to the well recieved Plunk Pool, now with more levels, better graphics and a smoother game engine!Mouse to aim and shoot.Sink all the balls within the shot limit!Unlock all 35 Levels!
Aoyama And Furious Aoyama And Furious Aoyama has been wild... now he is furious, drive in this incredible and wako race. Chose your character and win the gold cup.
Billiard Blitz Billiard Blitz Billiard Blitz is a fun pool game with the look, sound and feel of the real thing. Clear the table before the time runs out to move to the next level. Do you have what it takes to master all six levels of Billiard Blitz?
Xee Bee 1.1 Xee Bee 1.1 Fly without limits in free mode or try to beat the highscore in timed mode.You can perform several acrobacies including rolls, loops, low level flight, inverted flight and more.Catch flying powerups to increase engine power, maneuverability and more.
Deep Sea Fishing Deep Sea Fishing Collect as many fishes as you can in a dive. resurface to gain score for the fishes you got. the more you catch, the more score you got.
010 World Cup Prep 010 World Cup Prep Pick your team and prepare for the world 2010 cup. Use numeric 1,2,3 keys to head the ball, volley or shoot a low ground shot as you try to beat the keeper.
Table Tennis Championship Table Tennis Championship Take part to the table tennis championship and become the best player.There are four difficults levels. At each levels you can upgrade your paddle or the ball.
9-Ball Clear-Up 9-Ball Clear-Up 9-Ball Clear-Up - simply pot all the balls 1 to 9 as fast as possible. Get bonuses for potting the balls in the correct order, for your best break and for accurate potting. Plus win special trophies. This billiards game has a nice physics engine that
Cyclo Maniacs Cyclo Maniacs 20 players, 6 worlds, and 26 tracks.70 Achievements to unlock.And a haddock on a skateboard.
Soccer Pinball Soccer Pinball Use the Shift and Ctrl keys on opposite sides of the keyboard to operate the left and right paddles respectively, and the Spacebar to launch a new ball. Use the paddles to prevent the ball from escaping at the bottom of the table. The paddles flick t
Basketball Horse Basketball Horse Play Horse against the computer. Create your own amazing unique shots. Very addictive game.
The Champions 07 The Champions 07 The battle between the two best clubs in the world in 2007 is not over yet!
Bowja 3 - Ninja Kami Bowja 3 - Ninja Kami BOWJA IS BACK!!! AGAIN!!! This time it's his most important mission yet. Your favorite little ninja needs to save the Ninja Spirit and defeat the evil YOKAI.
Fisher Girl Fisher Girl You are happily standing on the shore trying to catch fish when suddenly a shark grabs your fisher boy and drags him away. You must save him! You get coins for catching fish and can spend those coins on new lures and rods. The challenge is casting as
Mini Dirt Bike Mini Dirt Bike Ride your mini dirt bike through all challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all of the levels without crashing your minimoto.
Construction Yard Bike Construction Yard Bike Ride your bike through construction yard and try to reach end of the level as fast as you can.
The Worlds Strongest Man The Worlds Strongest Man The First major game in strength athletics. There are 6 events which require speed, reaction and rhythm. You can also submit your score and see if you really are the worlds strongest man.